Brendon Hill Stallions

Montague Don by Future Role

Brendonhill Benny Bunter by Tinsley Faerie Legend
photo courtesy of Jayphotos

Lady Ling, Connemara X Tinsley
Faerie Legend mare

Brendonhill Faerely Silver having fun!

Brendonhill Highley Amusing by Its Highley Likely

Brendonhill Quite Likely by Its Highley Likely

Above Board by Its Without Doubt
Brendonhill Enigma, Its Highley Likely's first foal!

January 2017

We are now well into the start of 2017 and looking forward to the Spring foaling. The mares are wintering well and beginning to look well in foal.

A very hard decision was made at the end of the covering season to geld Its Highley Likely. He is a beautiful horse, but for one or two reasons and through no fault of his whatsoever, it was decided he would have a different life. He has been quietly backed here at home and is being ridden out in company.  He simply loves the change of scene and we feel sure given the right opportunity he will make a useful competition horse. With his extravagant paces maybe he will become a dressage horse but at the moment we wait and see.
It was pleasing to see that another of our homebreds, Brendonhill Benny Bunter owned by Peter & Janet Hunt was top of the B.E.90 rankings for the South West.

September 2016
We were delighted to have bred another contender for Burghley Horse Trials this year namely Brendon Hill Doublet and his young rider/owner Imogen Gloag.  Imogen was the youngest competitor and they completed a wonderful cross country round at their first attempt, over a very demanding course. Sadly Doublet was found to have a small wound on his leg the next morning and was therefore unable to be presented at the vetting. We are sure they will both be there to have another go next year.

August 2016
Montague Don is continuing his varied lifestyle both winning at eventing and hunter show classes and hunting on the days between!

July 2016
We have got behind with the current news and June seems to have vanished in a flash.  To catch up with the foaling, Etthel Royale, our Shire mare, has another bay filly by Its Highley Likely. This super cross will produce good middleweight hunters for the future with the potential to make great brood mares. With so many lightweight horses being bred, we feel somone must keep a heavy mare to breed for the future. Penny Whistle, on loan from Jamie Frost, fooled everyone by producing a set of twins by Tinsley Faerie Legend.  One was dead, but the little colt is thriving well and, although small, is doing really well and holding his own with the other foals.
Hard though it is to follow all the eventing results, we were delighted when Tinsley Faerie Legend had two recent winners.
Peter & Janet Hunt's Brendonhill Benny Bunter won his section at Treborough and more recently Faere Spirit won a section at Barbury International.
Several other horses by Brendonhill stallions had placings at nearby Treborough.

May 2016
May is always a busy month with our own mares foaling plus one or two visitors who come in to foal. One of these was due to foal on April 12th and hung on until May 23rd causing some anxiety and loss of sleep!
Our good Irish mare Silver Girleen has produced a smashing colt foal by Brendonhill Rumour's Last. She has now had a foal by each of our stallions, all good ones. This foal has alrady been snapped up and will be leaving us at weaning!
Another of our home bred youngsters Brendonhill Ardent by Ben's Affaere has been sold to go and be an all round hunter/ fun horse in Cornwall. His new owners originally had Brendonhill Hamish and came here for another by the same stallion.

April 2016
We have just received good news of another homebred son of Tinsley Faerie Legend. Peter & Janet Hunt bought Brendonhill Benny Bunter last year and he finished 6th out of over 30 at Pontispool recently.
His half brother Billy Bunter, by Hot Rumour is also just about to start competeing from his new home with the Malins.

We were very sad to say goodbye to Brendonhill Masterful who left us to go to his new home with the Garners in Surrey. He is one of the most genuine, beautifullly natured horses we have ever bred and he truly deserves his lovely new home. He is to join Heated Discussion (Teddy), by Ben Faerie who was bred here over twenty years ago. The Garners are so pleased with Teddy that they are hoping Masterful will prove to be his equal. We wish them every good wish for his future successes.
March 2016
 It was really pleasing to read in the latest issue of Horse and Hound that Clayton Mudlark who was by Ben Faerie, was listed as one of two influentual sports horse brood mares. She has produce eight foals including advanced eventers Faerie Dazzler and Ben Auk. It is amazing that twenty years after his death Ben Faerie's name still keeps cropping up in the world of competition horses.

February 2016
Since last making entries on this page, the weather this winter has been so diabolical that there has not been much to report other than keeping the horses fed and comfortable through the winter period!!  We have been hunting Masterful all season and he is a remarkable character taking everything in his stride.
News came into today that Charter Party, by the same sire as our Its Highley Likely, has become Advanced Medium Regional Champion.  Congratulations to all concerned.

January 2016
Glamis Faerie Legend has been another success story for Tinsley Faerie Legend, having been nrecent winners of the bronze section at Bury farm.

 November 2015
With the change from a warm start to the month to now wet and cold we have weaned the foals and are busy handling them as much as possible.
Brendonhill Faerely Silver has left us for her new home in Devon and we hope she goes on to great things. She loaded in her 'new taxi' with great confidence and was accommpanied by a shetland pony who we understand is her new surrogate mum!
With the wonderful dry weather and a glut of good grass, the foals and youngsters have been doing very well.  We have been busy hunting two of the youngsters namely Ardent and Masterful.  They have been so quiet and grown up about the whole thing, loading in the lorry and behaving immaculately out with hounds. They are both ready to go on to pastures new and will will make fun horses for most people.

We were delighted to hear from the Gloags that Brendonhill Doublet went really well at his first CCI3 at Bleinham. He flew round the cross country clear and finished well up in the order.
Other news coming in, Faere Spirit by Tinsley Faerie Legend has had a recent win at Bricky and has been regularly placed. Also Role On Ozzie by Future Role has started competing. Another name change,sadly, as this horse was bred here and originally had the Brendonhill prefix.

We have recent news of Juno X1X  (by Hot Rumour)   who is now sucessfully competeing at 1* and Intermediate level.

July 30th
Charter Party (by Its Without Doubt) has been highly successful in his dressage career with Molly Key recently winning the Medium Open title at Sparsholt Regional Championships.

July 1st
Last week saw the arrival of the last foal for this season. We are delighted that Faere Ling (by Tinsley Faerie Legend) produced a smashing bay filly by the exceptional Connemara stallion Lecarrow King. She will be known as Brendonhill Lady Ling and is already showing signs of turning grey/dun! We feel pleased to have this filly because it was Lecarrow King's last season with Henrietta Knight and he is now standing in Germany.

June 17th
News has just reached us that Brendonhill Doublet has once agin been long listed for a European championship team.

June 12th
Having just returned from a mad riding holiday in Georgia (Russia), it was very pleasing to meet the first foal by Rumour's Last out of Brendonhill Diva on my return.  A very pretty bay filly who inevitably has been christened Georgia! If she turns out to be half as good as grandsire Hot Rumour she will be something very special. It was very pleasing to learn that, after Brendonhill Symba's many successes last season, that another of Tinsley Faerie Legends yearlings owned by Jamie Frost, was a winner at the Devon County Show and Royal Cornwall. Her dam, Penny Whistle, has been scanned in foal
to Tinsley Faerie Legend again.

May 23rd
Our second foal has been born safely.  A sweet dark bay filly (may go grey!)  by Tinsley Faerie Legend out of our good half bred hunter mare Silver Girleen.  She will be named Brendonhill Faerely Silver.

May 12th 
The first foal has arrived on Brendon Hill Farm!  Last year we decided to foal our own mares later to fit in better with the lambing and farming. Goose Green Ethel Royale, our dependable Shire mare has had another lovely bay filly by Its Highley Likely.

May 5th
We were so sorry to hear the very sad news that Peter & Janet Hunt had lost their lovely Tinsley Faerie Legend mare,  Dauntless11,  from natural causes. She was just at the start of a very promising eventing career.

April 14th
The foal Melody,  is the first very nice filly foal born to Its Highley Likely this season.
More good news for Its Without Doubt progeny.................his son Beaurepaire Jasper won the Open Intermediate section at the South of England Horse Trials!

Aldon Horse Trials produced some good results for two or three horses by Brendon Hill stallions. Natta On by Hot Rumour won his section. He was bred by us out of a brilliant hunter mare Lady Di and was sold as Brendonhill Royal Chatter. It is always a shame when breeders lose their prefix during the change of a horse's ownership.
Juno X1X, also by Hot Rumour, was sixth in her section and Beaurepaire Jasper by Its Without Doubt was third in his.
It is hard to find the time sometimes to follow progeny but we are grateful to Catherine Rye for taking such an interest in our horses and keeping me in touch with many of the results, especially during lambing!!

There is news of Its Highley Likely's first foal for the season. A bay filly out of a thoroughbred mare by Sea Raven. This is an early foal for the Brendon Hills..................we will hope that our mares hang on until the Spring weather and lambing is soon over!

MARCH 2015
Early this month Brendonhill Affaere was sold and has left us to go to a lovely home in Dorset where they are planning to hunt and compete with him. We were very sad to see him leave because he was such a lovely horse in every way and so easy to do. The sort that is hard to find.

The last few months have flown by in a whirlwind of work and unavoidable human viruses. It is now time to wish all our mare owners and stud supporters a very belated Happy New Year and all the best for the breeding season ahead.
our brood mares are wintering well so far and, as always, we look forward to next years crop of foals with excitement.
We were very pleased that all our foals were sold at weaning which bodes well for Its Highley Likely's second crop due to arrive this summer.
Nonetheless we still have a number of foals here at livery, which we have taken for weaning and wintering.
During the autumn and winter months we have found time to do some hunting. A great experience for the young horses to get out and about in company on the moor.


Brendonhill Faerling returned from visiting the Connemara stallion  Lecarrow King and we are delighted that she has now been scanned in foal.

August 15th
Symba's final show was at Dunster where he was Reserve Champion in the in hand classes completing a season where he was in the top two at every show and twice Supreme Champion.  He has now been sold and will shortly leave for his new home where we  hope he will continue his winning pattern.

August 7th
Brendonhill Symba has excelled himself further by winning the Supreme Championship at Honiton show. This is an exceptional feat for a yearling to beat, not only the in hand competition, but the ridden horses as well. A great success for Tinsley Faerie Legend.

August 6th
Brendonhill Enigma our first foal by Its Highley Likely has been sold and will leave us at weaning.  She is such an outgoing character and we are delighted she will only be a few miles from here and we can see her grow up!

July 27th
Brendonhill Benny Bunter left us for his new home in the New Forest where he has joined Louise Young to go eventing eventually. He will be much missed on the yard as he was loved by all and we hope Louise has great success with him.

July 27th
Brendonhill Symba covered himslef with glory yet agin. He won his class at Totnes Show and went on to win the cup for the in hand Championship.

Brendonhill Chatter, one of last young horses by Hot Rumour, has been sold to Gillian Anderson and moved to his new home near Callington. He is to join another Hot Rumour horse and be trained by the Parelli method. he is very quick to learn and Gillian spent some time with him here, bonding with him and introducing him to her methods. we wish them both well for the future and look forward to seeing him eventing.

June 29th
Brendonhill Affaere took a huge step in his education, taking part in his first Hunter Trial. He completed the pair class and is obviously destined for great things, jumping the fences with enthusiasm and great height!

June 25th

The last foal born for this season, the Mackenzie-Green's foal by Tinsley Faerie Legend! Hopefully now some undisturbed nights for a while!

June 14th

Another busy day at Brendon Hill.  Faerling our three year old filly by Tinsley Faerie Legend, made the long journey to West Lockinge to visit Henrietta Knight's fabulous Connemara stallion Lecarrow King. A winner of numerous Championships under saddle including reserve Supreme at Olympia he seemed more than a special sire for our first Connemara X Brendonhill breeding. He was a most charming person to meet with a delightful temperment and it was a real pleasure to be shown round the Lockinge mares and foals!

Brendonhill Symba went in another direction to the Three Counties Show were he won his class making his record two firsts and two seconds in four shows.

June 5th

Brendonhill Symba continues his showing success coming second at the Royal Cornwall

May 28th

Hot news!  Brendonhill Symba has just won a strong Hunter yearling class at the Bath & West!

May 26th
Gay Taragh tried to surprise us all by foaling out in the field during the afternoon, with the mares and foals! This was our third and final foal by Its Highley Likely for this year. We now have a selection for people to see out of a TB mare, a half bred mare and a pure Shire. This filly foal will be christened Highley Amusing!

May 23rd
Brendonhill Symba by Tinsley Faerie Legend was second in the Small Hunter yearling class at the Devon county Show.

May 21st
At last Em's foal has arrived..............after keeping us guessing for several days, our good grey hunter mare has produced a lovely chestnut colt by Its Highley Likely at 2am this morning. He looks a promising sort at this early stage and there will be photos to follow! This young man will be known as Quite Likely!

May 6th
Having just returned from riding in Andalucia, it was exciting to find that Ethel Royale (pure shire) had produced the first foal by Its Highley Likely! A beautiful bay filly with a small star and two white socks behind. This will be a valuable half bred for the future and we are so pleased it is a filly foal. She has been named Brendonhill Enigma.

April 26th
The latest on Charter Party and Above Board ( full brothers by Its Without Doubt) ridden by Molly Keys, is that they both covered themselves in glory at Hickstead dressage with Charter Party winning elementaries and Above Board, the advanced eventer, winning a medium section.

With the hunting season now over we are preparing to bring in and back and school some of the young horses. Brendonhill Affaere has been in and hunted regularly this spring. He has proved to be a really sensible, kind horse and has adapted to crossing the Exmoor terrain with skill and courage. He will make someone a lovely hunter/fun horse.
Brendonhill Billy Bunter is back in work and his half brother Benny will shortly follow. We have a lovely selection of young horses of all ages who are now slipping their coats and will soon be ready to sell on.
We are also waiting with anticipation for the first Its Highley Likely's foals to arrive, due in about ten days.

The first piece of news is that this is a completely new website which hopefully we can write and administrate ourselves on the basis that it will be kept much more up to date and efficient! Until we are up and running there will not be much news on here but that will soon be rectified.

News has just reached us from Dinah Macdonald that the two horses she bred by Its Without Doubt, won both their sections at Hickstead recently and will be competeing in the Nationals. The two are Charter Party and Above Board ridden by Molly Key. Above Board will then go on to continue his eventing career.

Now we are officially launched with the new format it is great to have had some positive feedback already. We are always interested in hearing news of your young Brendon Hill bred youngsters or any comments from you.