Brendon Hill Stallions

The great Ben Faerie in 1972

Pippa Funnell on Brendonhill bred Walk On Fire

Walter by Its Without Doubt ridden by Carol Parsons
The stud was formed, almost by chance, more than fifty years ago when there was a demand for good tough sound hunters to cross Exmoor and my father-in-law was known for standing a good type of thoroughbred colt for this purpose.
Ben Faerie had been bought specifically to stand at stud here at Brendon Hill, with this in mind. He was a small quality horse who was amazingly prepotent, siring event horses from every conceivable type of mare and always giving the resulting progeny enough speed to be successful across country. Three top horses in his early career , namely Priceless, Night Cap and Another Fred (European Junior Champion) could not have come from more varied dams, such as Priceless from a fairly hairy Irish half bred, Nightcap from a TB X German Warmblood and Another Fred from a non descript cross bred 14hh pony.

There is no doubt that breeding the great event horse Priceless in the seventies set us up at Brendon Hill as one of the very top studs breeding specifically for eventing. Priceless had an unprecedented record during his eventing career with Ginny Elliot. He won Olympic team silver and bronze individual in Los Angeles, World Champion gold medal in Gawler, won Badminton and has been the only horse to win Burghley twice. He never had a refusal or a fall in his eventing career.

The stud has been responsible for breeding two Olympic contenders, the great Priceless in Los Angeles and his nephew Schiroubles in Barcelona. Then a mare, who we kept here on behalf of  the owner, produced a gelding called Sir Toby, by Its Without Doubt who competed in the Sydney Olympics for Germany. We are very proud of our part in these three horses and await with anticipation our fourth Olympic horse associated with this stud!
Ben Faerie went on to produce horse after horse that excelled on the eventing circuit and amazingly, even now, seventeen years after his death he is still rated the fifth best event sire of all time. He was arguably the most influentual sire during his long life of twenty eight years..

This is why we were so anxious to keep as much of his bloodline as possible, resulting in three of his sons being selected for the stud namely, Hot Rumour, Ben's Affaere and Tinsley Faerie Legend, his grandson Its Without Doubt and now its Without Doubt's son,  Its Highley Likely.

We also had some lovely mares by Ben Faerie including advanced mare Faerie Diadem, who had been ridden by William Fox Pitt with great success. Some of these good mares we outcrossed back to Its Without Doubt with great success.
 Not only did Its Without Doubt sire an Olympic contender in Sydney but, unusually for a British bred stallion he sired two Grand Prix dressage horses. Walter ridden by Carol Parsons was the most well known and even more remarkable was the fact he was out of a Shire mare.